The hottest wedding trends for 2016

Planning your 2016 wedding and wondering which direction your style should go in? At POB we’ve listed the biggest trends for the coming year to help make your wedding unforgettable.


Themes and décor:

In 2016 many will continue to approach their wedding on a individual basis with couples continuing to move away from strictly traditional, to making their occasion a personal, fun and timeless event. On the décor front, we’ll see a shift from  the boho and rustic pastels to slightly more elegant and glamorous looks with pops of bolder colours starting to shine through.


The boho-chic flowers of 2015 will be easily adapted in 2016 but they will be on steroids! Wild cascading florals will dominate both bouquets and reception venues, think big, bold and in your face!

Colour scheme:

Metallics will make a big statement in 2016 with the main focus being on soft gold tones, champagne and rose gold. They will need to be carefully thought out as to not overtake the colour pallet, but you’ll see that these hints of shimmery glamour add an elegant, whimsical pop to a black-tie event. Metallics are also very versatile so if you’re looking to have a more casual or ethereal look to your wedding, these soft, shimmery tones will look just a magical. We think an amazing combo with gold tones are blush and black.


Sexy and heavy fabrics that nudge the traditional forward into something more modern will be dominant in 2016. Body veils and capes were a hot item at this year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week along with the high split. Feathers for texture and patterned gowns were also big.


The groom:

The Groom’s attire will smarten up in 2016 with more dapper and elegant styles taking over. Think James Bond with a little quirk; neck ties will also replace the popular bow tie of 2015. On the colour pallet side – look out for boys in burgundy.


Take a look at our planning tips if you’re looking for some ideas on how to pull off your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

Good luck and happy planning!

The POB team.


The biggest trends of 2015


Whether you’re planning or reminiscing on your big day, there’s no doubt that 2015 saw some amazing styles and trends across the board. Here, we round up the top trends of the year, with a clear stand out – Boho-chick / rustic.

Themes & Décor:

The biggest trend in 2015 (and probably in 2014 as well) was by far the boho-chic or rustic styles with many couples opting for a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. There was a big focus on keeping an intimate and personal affair, the focus being long wooden tables instead of round ones, as well as tonnes of twinkly lights or candles to add a romantic and cosy feel.



2015 floral arrangements were BIG! Whether you opted for soft and floaty or lush and full, the boho-chic and rustic feel was also a big trend in flowers with some interesting and non-traditional additions, such as dominant foliage, nuts, berries and even fruit to bouquets and floral arrangements.



Colour scheme:

Again soft and floaty won in 2015 with many brides heading back into the direction of matching dresses for her bridal party. Gone are the days where each bridesmaid wore a completely different dress, we’re now opting for dresses in very similar style and colour to complement each body type. Floral head pieces were a massive trend in 2015 as well, with many brides deciding to wear flowers instead of the traditional veil.




There were many gorgeous trends in this category in 2015, sheer, sultry and graphic lace the clear stand outs of the year. We also saw many sheer/backless with lace and beading detail and plunging necklines that really made a special statement in the colder months.




The Groom:

The full beard and in some cases the “man bun” was a big trend for the boho-chic weddings in 2015, many grooms choosing from the blue hews for their look as well as creams and greys. We saw many Groomsmen in hipster styles with bow ties making a huge comeback in 2015 weddings.



Stay tuned for what we think the hottest trends and looks will be for 2016!

Good luck and happy planning.

The POB Team

Planning the perfect Hen’s do


It’s time to plan the hen’s night, the bride’s last “hoorah” and you want it to be perfect. You’ve been asked to be part of the bridal party and you have no idea where to start!….. well, actually you have an idea of how the night should be planned but there are so many things you need to consider. Firstly, it’s likely that you don’t know all of the bridesmaids as well as the bride does. Your idea of the perfect day might include a morning of pampering followed by a day at the races where someone else might think that a show-boat full of strippers followed by a cocktail bar might be the best way to go. And then, there are the guests to think about… how would the bride’s mother feel about “dick straws” in her drink?

No need to panic, we’ve been doing some research on how to pull off a hen’s do that accommodates the bride’s interests and considers the bridal party and your guests. Here are the top ways we think you should tackle organising the most awesome hen’s night out!

Get together with the bridal party – If you don’t know the other bridesmaids very well, organising the hens night is a great way to get to know each other. Suggest meeting up for lunch or dinner where you can brainstorm ideas. It’s really important that you all ask each other’s opinion and give each other a chance to contribute. It’s also good to ask the girls whether the bride has specifically mentioned anything in the past that you might be able to include in your plans. Make sure you take notes and don’t forget to exchange contact details. 

Ask the bride – There will be some other things that collectively, you aren’t sure about, especially when it comes the different guests that will be invited. You might be certain that the bride wants a stripper but do you know whether her aunty Doris will suffer a mild heart attack at the sight of a chiseled male torso? You can speak to the bride without giving anything away. For example, if you are planning male entertainment, would the full nude be too much for the crowd or would it be safer to split the evening into 2 sections? An earlier dinner for everyone and then a cheeky party for the crowd that would enjoy a bit of naughty-ness. It’s really important that you cater for all people so getting an idea from the bride is a great way help you plan the evening. 

Do your research – Once you and the other bridesmaids have had a chance to talk about some ideas and the bride has given you a little more direction, start doing your research. The bridal party should share the load and make some enquiries. The main objective is to gather quotes and availability as well as other important factors like operating hours, wheelchair access and flexibility on dietary requirements. Once everyone has made some phone calls and gathered information, catch up again to go through the options. 

Get the guest list from the bride – Understanding your estimated numbers is always important to figure out before you set a budget; if you know the total number of people expected to attend, then it’s likely that you’ll have an easier time allocating the cost per head. Ask the bride to provide you with a list of guests she would like to invite; encourage her to include people like her grandmother or the groom’s younger sister; this ensures that everyone feels they are included and are welcome to join the party. It also gives them the chance to decline the invite rather than not be invited at all. 

Take budget into account – There are a few things to consider when it comes to putting together a budget; is the bride also planning on any other events that may mean that guests would contribute money or gifts? i.e. kitchen tea, bridal shower or a bridal lunch. As a rule of thumb, most hens do’s place a budget of about $100 per head, this would include covering the cost of the bride as well, as usually, she’s expected not to pay anything on the night. This per head amount must only account for anything that the guests will be involved in. If the bridal party decide to do something intimate beforehand or organise accommodation, this should be covered by the bridesmaids and not by the guests who won’t be included in that part of the day. 

Leave some wriggle room in your schedule – You want everyone to have a great night out and feel relaxed during the party. Unfortunately things happen that are out of your control such as traffic, weather and general delays… we do like a good chat! Make sure that you leave enough time in the night’s schedule to ensure you’re not rushing around and feel like you’re herding cats; if you need people to arrive at a venue by 7pm, put 6.30pm on the invite so that the stragglers don’t miss anything. If you’re moving from one venue to another, allow time for transport over to the next place, it’s also a really good idea for one of the bridesmaids to head over a little earlier than the rest of the group to secure the booking if applicable. By leaving some room to move in your schedule you’ll ensure that everyone is having a great time and the bridal party can also enjoy the evening without feeling the stress of rushing.

Keep these 6 tips in mind and once you have these lined up and organised, the other details will fall into place such as any decorating you choose to do, collection of the funds to pay venues etc. The key thing to remember is to be relaxed about your approach. If you’re Maid of Honour, don’t feel like you need to take on all the responsibility, share the load and allow others to contribute.

Good luck and happy planning!

The POB team


Let’s address the seamstress


You have found it…. The most amazing dress that makes you feel like the only woman strutting around on the planet. It’s just the way you pictured it and it fits perfectly… you hardly need to adjust it, plus the sales assistant is a dream come true and is an expert on everything bridal….. LIES!!!! ALL LIES!!! However, there is no reason to panic… just have a clear mind.

When it comes to choosing your gown, it’s likely that you will face some frustrating, stressful and even nail-bitingly scary moments. If you’re limited to shopping on weekends, you’ll face packed out stores and come face to face with other sweaty, red face brides to be who are trying on 15 different styles in one day. Don’t panic, you will look perfect on your wedding day and the dress will be the perfect one for you, but there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping, purchasing and especially alerting your wedding gown.

Choosing your gown

Many people will tell you to keep an open mind and try different styles of dresses and that’s great, you must keep an open mind towards everything that has to do with your wedding. Don’t however, let the sales assistant force you into the latest trend or something that you really don’t like; you’ve been trying on dresses your entire life and you’ve probably figured out which styles suit your body shape. Use that knowledge and try to stick to what you know would be most flattering. That doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the same style as all your dresses in your closet, but you know what feels good; trust your gut and your style. If you feel like you’ve walked into a store will pushy sales people, leave. There are hundreds of retailers to choose from.

Beware of empty promises

Just because she sells dresses, does not make her an expert. This is a big lesson…. The lady at the store is most likely not a dress maker or a seamstress but will have a good idea of how to guide you in terms of selecting the style of dress you’ve told her you like. These people are salespeople, and in many cases may tell you what you want to hear; be careful not to be too trusting when she tells you that the dress you order can be tailored to fit exactly how you want it to. Many brides have been disappointed to find that certain alterations won’t be made to the dress when they go in for their first fitting (note that we said “won’t”, not “cant”).

If this happens, don’t stress, there is always a solution. The thing is, bridal stores will have contracts with seamstresses to make minor alterations for their customers. They are however expected to stay loyal to the designer and are less likely to make alterations to your dress based on your body shape and your style. It’s extremely important to remember that this is not your only option. If you would like some small changes made to your dress that sit outside the design of the dress itself and you don’t feel like you’re being listened to, DO NOT let her touch your dress, take your dress to another professional to make the alterations for you. We guarantee that whatever you need done to your dress can be done and an independent dress maker will ensure that the dress fits you and look great on you.

Stretch it out

If you can, try to have your final fitting as close as possible to your big day. It completely makes sense to have the dress sorted and in your wardrobe well in advance, however many brides do lose a couple of kilos in the last weeks leading up to the wedding due to all the anticipation, so if your seamstress can manage it, try to have your gown ready one week before, just to make sure that it fits like a glove on the day.

The truth is, you will face some bumps along the way when planning your wedding but stay level headed and remember that there is a solution for everything! If you’ve decided to get your dress made from scratch, make sure you research the designer and check all reviews on their work. Ask to see a portfolio if they have one and also ask them how they work with different body types. These people are professionals and are very creative so make sure your discussion with them is as detailed as possible.


Good luck and happy planning

Purple Orchid Brides

Alternatives to the traditional bridal registry


The wedding gifts, even in 2015, how exactly do you ask your friends and family for the type of gifts you would like to be given for your wedding? We all find this part a little awkward, whether you and your fiancé ask for cash or organise a traditional bridal registry, the truth is that your guests want to spend their money wisely, so actually telling them what you want is helpful. What some may not realise though, is that there are different kinds of options when it comes to registries for your wedding gifts. If you have lived together for a while and don’t need new household items or if you think the “wishing well” option isn’t for you, you could ask your guests to contribute to something a little more unique. Here are a few of our favourites.

Travel Registry – With kind contributions from your guests, a honeymoon register can help you have the honeymoon of a lifetime. They allow you to personalise your registry by selecting experiences, adventures and splurges to your holiday. It also allows your guests to see where the money goes and feel more involved in the gift giving process. is an Australian site that allows you to create your personal gift registry where your family and friends are able to log in and purchase tickets, accommodation, romantic dinners and other exiting experiences for you to enjoy together.

Not Another Toaster – Many couples live together before getting married and may not have the need for new home wares, towels and sheets. However, you may just want a new dinner set, a massage for two and a cool piece of artwork. allows you to create a registry that contains a wide range of products that you could really use; they even have options for your guests to contribute to your home loan or purchase items to help you complete a renovation, perfect for couples who need a little bit of everything!

Wedding Cellars – is a unique gift registry option for couples that love wine and would like to share their gifts with friends and family throughout the years to come. You’re able to choose a selection of wines that will mature as years pass and you can enjoy together and with friends when they’re just right. We love that they also offer special wines for specific milestones in your life allowing you to save that special bottle for your 10th wedding anniversary, your son’s 21st or your daughter’s graduation.

Matrimoney – If you’ve considered your options and decided that cash contributions would be the most preferable way to go, is a great alternative to the traditional wishing well you see at many wedding receptions. You create a registry and provide the details to your guests for them to contribute whatever sum they choose as a gift. What we love most, is that they also offer a variable interest rate on the money deposited into your registry (3% as at 27 June 2015)!

Karma Currency – If you have everything you could possibly wish for and in your heart, all you want is to give to people in need then this is the registry for you! allows you to create your own charity registry to a range of organisations that mean the most to you. You simply add a list of donations to the charities you want and your guests will select and make the payment. On top of that, all donations above $2 are tax deductible.

So whatever your heart’s desire, there is a registry out there for you and don’t forget that your family and friends will be more than happy to contribute to whatever it is that will help your life together more enjoyable so don’t be shy to be creative.

Good luck and happy planning

Purple Orchid Brides


How to groom your groom’s planning skills


Usually, when a groom gets involved in wedding planning, it consists of him grunting in your general direction when you’re explaining the colour scheme, cake, flowers, attire and everything else that you and you alone have to organise. The only time you seem to get his full attention, which often results in eyebrows raised so high they fly off the top of his head, is when the subject of budget and costs come up.

Let’s face it, most guys suck at getting involved in the wedding planning and that’s completely fine if they’ve agreed from the beginning that you will run the show. However it can get frustrating when your groom has said he wants to be involved and then demands an explanation as to why the flowers cost so much, or why you’ve decided to order 55 extra candles when he’s only been half listening to the details. Ladies, we know how stressful planning a wedding can be so if you’re not getting the help he originally agreed to or if he’s dragging the chain and you’re starting to hate the sound of your own voice, you might need to sit him down and have a chat.

To be fair, there are a lot of guys that are interested in getting involved in the planning and do a great job, others just aren’t interested in it and let their bride know that all the decisions are hers – we don’t intend on painting everyone with the same brush. This is for those of you that feel like you need some kind of engagement from your partner (and not just in the form of a ring) when it comes to your wedding day and feel like you’re just not getting anywhere. We urge you to leave this page open and lying around for your groom to read… or you can just shove it in face and force him to read it… whatever floats your boat!


Listen up, Groomy!

If you don’t want to be involved in the wedding planning, that is completely fine; BUT you’re either in or you’re out, not in between. Don’t expect your bride to be a mind reader, if you tell her to choose everything and do whatever she wants, don’t then question every decision she makes or how much it costs. If you want to have more control or know more about what’s happening, get involved and get yourself across the details…. Don’t leave it to her to come to you, be proactive and discuss things beforehand.

You need to understand that whatever budget you are planning to is going to blow out by 10% to 20%… guaranteed. Most weddings go over budget, you know why? Because we’re usually all first timers and have no idea how much things are going to cost. Many brides might know exactly what they have always wanted for their wedding since the age of about 5 and ¾ but that doesn’t meant that they are an expert at knowing how much it’ll all cost. Work with your strengths, if you’re good at finding a good deal, help out by trying to find cheaper options or shopping around yourself; you could even re-adjust the budget to accommodate what you both really find important – amazing, YOU can re-adjust the budget… who would have thought?

At the end of the day, if you’ve said you’ll take on certain tasks, make sure you do them and avoid having her follow up over and over again or just end up doing it herself because she’s asked so many times it’s just easier. If you’d like to get involved but aren’t sure what to do, here are some areas that the groom traditionally takes care of. You are not limited to only these by the way….

  1. The suits – by your age, you should have an idea of what style suit you like or what you would like to wear. Sit down and talk to your fiancé about the colour scheme and style and do some research. It doesn’t require too much effort, just keep an eye out for sales or pop into a store if you’re passing by one. If you find a style you like but the price tag is out of budget, again, discuss this with your partner. By showing that you’re taking some interest in this, she’ll be more than happy to help out.
  1. The ride – Whether you’re a motor enthusiast or not, it makes sense for the groom to research and select the chariot. If you happen to be surfing the internet, do some research and find out what you like, what’s available and again, get an idea of the hourly fee. It’ll also help you in discussing with your bride how long you’ll need the car for and refer back to your budget. You’ll feel so much more on top of the money being spent if you get an understanding of how vendors charge. The more across the details you are, the more you’ll understand how it affects your bottom line.
  1. The happy snaps – This one should be pretty straight forward. We all know people who are married, start with asking your mates for referrals on their photographers and send some emails out to get an outline of packages.

See, that’s not that hard is it? Don’t forget, you want to make sure that you’re both getting the most amazing day possible without blowing the budget too much right? The best way you’ll make sure this doesn’t happen is to get yourself involved. No one is asking you attend every single shopping trip or choose which shade of cream best matches the serviettes (that’s what bridesmaids are for!!) but like we’ve said, if you’ve said you want to be involved, then do so…. Don’t do a half arsed job and then have a go at her for not “doing things properly”. She works too, she has a life too and she just wants everything to run smoothly so guys, be kind and lend a helping hand.

Good luck and happy planning

Purple Orchid Brides

How to nail the role of “Maid of Honour”


So what’s involved when you’ve been hired to run the show?

Congratulations! You have been asked to be a Maid of Honour and you have an exciting time ahead of you; the bride has chosen you as the most trusted and capable person in her life to take on the role of her second in command. You’re going to have a lot of fun helping plan the wedding and support the bride with the upcoming nuptials but you might not know where to start or where your responsibilities lie.

To help you out, we’ve listed what the Maid of Honour is traditionally responsible for leading up to the wedding, during the wedding and even after the wedding. It might be helpful to sit down with your bride and discuss what she would like to you be involved in, being armed with the below information will give her confidence in you as well as cement her decision that you were are the right woman for the job!

Pre Wedding:

The MOH generally lends a helping hand and ear to the bride. As the wedding day approaches, emotions will run high so you might need to take the bride’s hand and remind her that you and the other bridesmaids are there for her and that everything will be ok… breathe and sip on some wine if it helps.

You’ll need to accompany the bride when dress shopping and fittings; most bridal shops require an advanced booking so offer your help to contact bridal stores that the bride is interested in visiting to make some bookings. This also applies to any vendors or suppliers the bride needs to contact, offer a helping hand and she’ll tell you what needs done; don’t forget to delegate to the other bridesmaids to help you out.

Lead the bridal party. As MOH, you will be the main conduit between the bride and the bridesmaids. First off, it’s a good idea to organise a coffee, lunch or dinner date with the bridal party in the early stages to meet and exchange contact details if you don’t already know them. This is also a good time for the bride to explain what everyone’s role will be i.e. the MOH will be the main contact and give guidance on what needs to be done.

Ask the bride to provide you with a list of all the vendors and suppliers she has booked with, this way if anything goes wrong or needs to be addressed, you can help take care of it for her. Also, get the details of any registries and be the point person, in case guests have any questions, you can direct them.

Host or co-host the bridal shower / kitchen tea. Generally the bridal shower / kitchen tea is hosted by the MOH, you and the bridesmaids should run the show here and let the bride enjoy herself unless she wants to be involved.

Plan the Hens party. Get the bridesmaids involved in planning the day / night and take into consideration the older generations in the bride and groom’s families. Just because they’re older and may not want to party, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an invitation; allow them to decline rather than assume they won’t want to come. Many people also opt for a low key brunch or high tea in addition to the hens night to accommodate for mothers, aunts, grandmothers and even under age family members so that everyone gets to enjoy a celebration with the bride.


The Big Day

Get prepared and dressed with the bride, bridesmaids and the bride’s mother. Enjoy the morning before the day gets crazy and keep the bride calm and relaxed. To help with this, make sure you are well versed in the day’s schedule from ceremony, photos and reception to help the day run smoothly. It’s also a great idea to prepare an emergency kit containing everything that could help resolve any kind of wardrobe malfunction and don’t forget to have all vendor’s contact information near by!

During the ceremony, attend to the bride’s train and veil when she arrives at the alter making sure that it looks perfect for the photos. Hold her bouquet whilst she exchanges her vows and sign the register as her witness.

At the reception, help bustle the bride’s train and veil before dancing, this includes going to bathroom too! These days many MOH’s also give a speech or a toast after the Best Man; it is up to you and the bride as to whether you would like to, it could be a nice touch. Make sure the bride eats and drinks, she will be famished and pulled in every direction so you may need to force feed her while she makes her way around the room…. joking of course! Lastly, help out with any last minute details at the end of the night, this includes making sure that the gifts are transported safely.


Post Wedding

Your job is almost done but before you breathe a sigh of relief and put your feet up, you could help out with returning any attire that was hired and needs to be returned, ensure that the gifts have arrived at their destination safely and finally, remind the newlyweds to send out their thank you notes.

This may sound exhausting and quite a big responsibility but we truly believe that the more organised you are, the better and more seamless your job will be. If the bride to be isn’t very good at making decisions or delegating tasks, help her; that’s what you’re there to do. We can’t stress enough how important it is to communicate and coordinate the bridal party so that everybody knows what’s happening and what needs to be done; this will remove any “she said, she said” from the equation and help all of you have a lovely and happy time leading up to the wedding and especially on the day.

Good luck and happy planning!

Purple Orchid Brides