Alternatives to the traditional bridal registry


The wedding gifts, even in 2015, how exactly do you ask your friends and family for the type of gifts you would like to be given for your wedding? We all find this part a little awkward, whether you and your fiancé ask for cash or organise a traditional bridal registry, the truth is that your guests want to spend their money wisely, so actually telling them what you want is helpful. What some may not realise though, is that there are different kinds of options when it comes to registries for your wedding gifts. If you have lived together for a while and don’t need new household items or if you think the “wishing well” option isn’t for you, you could ask your guests to contribute to something a little more unique. Here are a few of our favourites.

Travel Registry – With kind contributions from your guests, a honeymoon register can help you have the honeymoon of a lifetime. They allow you to personalise your registry by selecting experiences, adventures and splurges to your holiday. It also allows your guests to see where the money goes and feel more involved in the gift giving process. is an Australian site that allows you to create your personal gift registry where your family and friends are able to log in and purchase tickets, accommodation, romantic dinners and other exiting experiences for you to enjoy together.

Not Another Toaster – Many couples live together before getting married and may not have the need for new home wares, towels and sheets. However, you may just want a new dinner set, a massage for two and a cool piece of artwork. allows you to create a registry that contains a wide range of products that you could really use; they even have options for your guests to contribute to your home loan or purchase items to help you complete a renovation, perfect for couples who need a little bit of everything!

Wedding Cellars – is a unique gift registry option for couples that love wine and would like to share their gifts with friends and family throughout the years to come. You’re able to choose a selection of wines that will mature as years pass and you can enjoy together and with friends when they’re just right. We love that they also offer special wines for specific milestones in your life allowing you to save that special bottle for your 10th wedding anniversary, your son’s 21st or your daughter’s graduation.

Matrimoney – If you’ve considered your options and decided that cash contributions would be the most preferable way to go, is a great alternative to the traditional wishing well you see at many wedding receptions. You create a registry and provide the details to your guests for them to contribute whatever sum they choose as a gift. What we love most, is that they also offer a variable interest rate on the money deposited into your registry (3% as at 27 June 2015)!

Karma Currency – If you have everything you could possibly wish for and in your heart, all you want is to give to people in need then this is the registry for you! allows you to create your own charity registry to a range of organisations that mean the most to you. You simply add a list of donations to the charities you want and your guests will select and make the payment. On top of that, all donations above $2 are tax deductible.

So whatever your heart’s desire, there is a registry out there for you and don’t forget that your family and friends will be more than happy to contribute to whatever it is that will help your life together more enjoyable so don’t be shy to be creative.

Good luck and happy planning

Purple Orchid Brides


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